About us



Our mlbricks division was created through a cooperation between the Pforzheim University and our non-profit
organisation "miteinanderleben service gGmbH". "LEGO® - socially playful recycling" was the Term for the idea of
helping people with physical, psychological or mental disabilities and to offer an individually suitable workplace
for people with a reduced ability to work under pressure. With LEGO® there are all accessories about 59.000 different
Lego parts and furthermore more than 170 different shades of colour. With the expertise of the Pforzheim University,
databases have been created and sorting algorithms has been developed. For the special needs of the employees,
barrier-free storage systems and individually suitable workplaces were created.


The team buys used LEGO® bricks over the Internet, which are washed and elaborately sorted. These are then offered
for sale in our 2 online stores on BrickScout and Bricklink. From the receipt of goods, washing and sorting, to the compilation
of the orders and the dispatch of the LEGO® -parts all takes place at our premises in Kleiststraße 4/4.

We are pleased about donations of LEGO® -parts.




We buy up used LEGO® all over Germany in a bundle. In addition numerous people support our project through LEGO® donations!
After the LEGO® has arrived, the first step is to freed from dust and dirt and roughly sorted. In the second phase the LEGO® is finely
sorted. After the sorting process, the LEGO® goes to the washroom. Here it is checked once again whether the coarse contamination has
been removed. If this is the case, then we fill the LEGO® in a laundry bag, put Add disinfectant and wash at approx. 35°C in the washing machine.
After the washing process the LEGO® thoroughly dried by hand. Afterwards the LEGO® is stored in our warehouse and listed in our self-developed database.
As soon as the LEGO® is sold via our shop, the corresponding LEGO® and removed from the database for packing and shipping.