miteinanderleben e.V. is a non-profit organisation for the promotion and support of social and

professional participation of people in Pforzheim and the Enzkreis. Miteinanderleben e.V. promotes self-responsibility

and the greatest possible independence according to the motto: as much help as necessary, as little help as possible.

At mlgreen young people with disabilities are accompanied and trained by qualified instructors.

In the professional care and creation of gardens and representation areas of public and private

Customers can qualify mlgreen employees for the job market in a practical way.

Our used department shop mlkauf deals with the sale of used goods of various kinds.

These include furniture, clothing, books, bicycles, household goods, decoration material, children's toys and electrical goods,

but also our own products such as apple juice and dessert apples from our own cultivation, small animal hay and straw from regional meadows.